Congress Milan 2015 - 28 May - 30 May 2015

Congress book: "Surcharges and Penalties in Tax Law"

Prof. Dr Roman Seer, Ruhr-University Bochum, Germany

Draft General Report - Roman Seer and Anna Wilms

General Report - Annexes


National Report Austria

National Report Belgium

National Report Czech Republic

National Report Denmark

National Report Finland

National Report  France

National Report Germany

National Report Greece

National Report Hungary

National Report Italy

National Report Netherlands

National Report Norway

National Report Poland

National Report Portugal

National Report Russia

National Report Spain

National Report Sweden

National Report Switzerland

National Report UK

National Report Turkey

National Report USA

Thematic Reports:

Section 1 Prof. L. Lederman

Section 2 Prof. K. Drüen and Mr. P. Butler

Section 2 Prof. J. Malherbe

Section 3 Prof. L. Del Federico and Prof. F. Montanari

Section 4 Prof. G. Marino

Friday 29 May 2015 Presentations

Prof. R. Seer

Section 1 
Prof. L. Lederman 
Prof. T. Ehrke-Rabel
Mr. Lukas Moravec
Prof. J.A. Rozas Valdes

Section 2
Prof. J. Malherbe
Prof. K. Drüen
Prof. A. López Díaz
Prof. De la Feria

Section 3
Prof. L. Del Federico
Prof. S. Mazza
Prof. Başaran Yavaşlar
Prof. J. Lindgren

Section 4
Prof. G. Marino
Prof. S. Hemels
Mr. R. Lyal

Saturday 30 May 2015

EATTA Winner : Karoline Spies (presentation)

Academic Topic: Peer Review in International Taxation

Please click here for the Peer Review Forum, please send your contribution to the Forum to:

Presentations and reports:

Part 1
Prof. J. Freedman 
Prof. J. English Presentation - Thematic Report  
Prof. I. Richelle  Presentation
Prof. P. Pistone Presentation 
Prof. M. Stewart - Thematic Report - Table I and Table II

Part 2
Prof. C. Brokelind Presentation
Prof. A.P. Dourado Presentation
Prof. W. Barker  Presentation - Thematic Report 

Part 3
Prof. A.P. Dourado and P.Pistone Presentation

National Reports:

Tina Ehrke Rabel - Austria
Raimo Immonen & Jaakko Ossa - Finland
Joachim Englisch  - Germany
Pietro Selicato - Italy
Sigrid Hemels & Henk van Arendonk  - The Netherlands
Joanna Niedojadlo - Poland
Maria Amparo Grau Ruiz - Spain
Stefan Olsson & Eleonor Kristoffersson - Sweden
Pierre-Marie Glauser - Switzerland
Hamdi Goktuna - Turkey
Judith Freedman - United Kingdom
Anthony Infanti  - USA
William Barker - USA

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