At the occasion of the 2010 Leuven Congress the following persons participated in the Poster Programme:

    • Withholding Taxes: EU Tax Law and national anti-avoidance legislation
      Denmark, Aarhus School of Business: Martin Poulsen "click here to see the poster"
    • Permanent Establishment (PE) in Danish domestic tax law and in international tax law in general
      Denmark: Anders Norgaard Laursen "click here to see the poster"
    • The Allocation of Jurisdiction to Tax in Public International Law
      France, University Paris 1: Thomas Dubut "click here to see the poster"
    • Cross-border Mergers of Limited Liability Companies within the EU
      The Netherlands, Radboud University Nijmegen: Harm van den Broek "click here to see the poster"
    • Taxing the European Unio Citizen: Tax Equity and the Balanced Allocation of Taxing Powers
      The Netherlands, Maastricht University: Marcel Schaper "click here to see the poster"
    • Money Laundering and his consequences in the financial system
      Spain, University of Oviedo: Covadonga Mallada "click here to see the poster"
    • The Concept of Royalties in International and European Taxation
      Spain, University Santiago de Compostela: Soraya Rodriguez Losada "click here to see the poster"
    • VAT and GST Profiles for Peer-to-peer Distribution of Media and Digital Content
      Sweden, Jönkoping International Business School: Cristina Trenta "click here to see the poster"