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Chiara Balbinot - Tax neutrality and European State Aid Law
Francesco Carelli - Rethinking the ‘Place of Effective Management’ Tie-Breaker Rule in Tax Treaty Law
Shu-Chien ChenBuilding a Framework Combating Tax Avoidance under the Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base (CCCTB)
Karina Kim Egholm Elgaard - The Relations between VAT Law and Income Tax Law
Diogo Ferraz Lemos Taveres - Corrective (Pigouvian) Taxation on the Financial Market: Legal Possibilities and Limits
Pablo Hernández González-Barreda - Beneficial Ownership: An autonomous international tax meaning?
Andreas Kallergis - The taxing competence (la compétence fiscale)
Peter Krohn - Interest & Royalty payments in the EU–Disparities and complexities
Błażej Kuźniacki - The Taxation of Controlled Foreign Companies: Analysis of Justifiability  and Potential Outcomes of Introducing the CFC rules into Tax Law System in Poland
Sarah Lindeberg - Participation Exemption and the Internal Market
Jorge Juan Milla Ibañez - Residence as a determinant of chargeability from an international, European and Spanish perspective: a Spain-UK comparative study
Alberto Muñoz Villarreal - Financial and fiscal regimen of the Heritage culture
Miguel Nicolas - Conflict of norms between tax treaty and the treaty on the functioning of the European Union
Dorota Pasinska - Financial Transaction Taks
Raffaele Petruzzi - Transfer Pricing Aspects of Intra-group Financing
Alice Pirlot - European Environmental Border Tax Adjustments: Typology and Legal Context
Felipe Pinto Vallada - Beneficial Ownership: is there any hope?
Erik Ros - European Union Citizenship and Taxation
César Alejandro Ruiz Jiménez - The Human Right to Property and the Coordination of International Business Taxation
Paloma Schwarz  - The taxation of IP within the European Union
Deeksha Sharma - Allocation of taxing rights between countries and Inter-Nation Equity – An analysis from the perspective of the BRIC countries
Oddleif Torvik - Ex-post transfer pricing of intangibles